Thursday, February 17, 2011

My daughter hates Q-Tips

The other day my middle daughter Lucy was playing dolls and saying "oh april, i love you so much. april, i need a snack. april! I like snacks! I love you so much!" The cuteness of this made me slightly less angry about her calling all the men at walmart that morning creepy guys and yelling loudly as we got to the registers that she "hates old people".


When I started this thing, I had two small children and a budding craft business. I wanted to share with people simple tutorials and how to's and promote my wares of course. But these times they are a-changing. I now have three small children, moved to the country and became less interested in all things martha stewart. Though I still have my little Etsy shop. Feel free to browse, the stuff is lovely.
Instead of starting a NEW blog I chose to edit the original one. So grow with me, people. This format makes me feel less pigeonholed.
Stay tuned.
From the sticks,