Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I take it back....

I think there will be no summer here this year. This week will again be a rainy mess. So much for fun in the sun. Not that I like the heat and humidity.... ;)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Block party...shake your bootie

Here are the blocks I was working on for a dear friend's baby shower gift. Her little man is due in August and they will be calling him Jack. Sweet.
Now I have to get them to the Post Office, after a weekend of illness in this household.

...and here is a pair of baby booties I whipped up this morning in about 10 minutes! I am not kidding! They were super easy!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Feels like summer

At last! Today actually feels like summer! Ruby went out in her little pool this morning and used her little climber. I drank coffee and sanded some blocks for my latest project....more on that later.

The man is now officially home for summer vacation so let the fun begin!
Ru at this time last year...amazing how much a little lady can change in a year.....

Thursday, June 25, 2009

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Farrah and MJ in the same day. Wild. This morning on Facebook I actually said "I wonder who #3 will be" after hearing about Farrah. Never in my wildest imagination would I have guessed MJ....like whoa.

My newest creations

While the sick lady naps (along with the still healthy baby!!) I'm posting my newest creations. I blogged about them the other day but only posted a pic of one of the owls. Who who.

Sooo here are the others. I tried my best to sew their names onto the lovies but I am not an emroiderer! Ha!

The little white owl is for my oldest daughter, Ruby who will be 3 in October. (Yikes) It looks a lot bigger in the pictures than it actually is. The blue owl is almost twice it's size.

The big blue owl is for baby LuLu who will be one next month. :(

The baby doll is for Mel's daughter Cecelia (Cece).

That's all she wrote, she being me.

Bittersweet Night

Last night we were the newest "victims" of Etsy's sneak attack. They pick a shop with few sales and encourage others to SHOP! We had 6 sales in less than an hour! (I run my shop and biz with my BFF & partner in crime, Mel).

For more information on the handmade movement go here:
It was awesome and we are most appreciative!

Of course in the midst of all of this, my oldest daughter gets sick and continued to throw up into the wee hours of this morning. In fact, after having a little water this morning, she vomited again. What a night...

Some of our sales last night included:

The tea bag pictured was stitched by Mel.

You can see the other sales from last nite (as well as what is currently for sale) at:

Off to be mummy to the girl who is napping in the chair. My poor girl. My heart breaks for her.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What a sty

Comcast came today and set us up with their internet and phone. But in order to set up the internet (as we have always had Verizon) I had to clear out almost the entire utility area of the basement. Seriously. And now here it all sits, I am afloat in a sea of JUNK. I don't want to put it all back, I'd really rather chuck it or give it away. Ugh! I need a drink.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Girl Felt Food must make felt food

I got hot and heavy with the felt food making earlier this year. I figure I should put up a few pics of those pieces so I can own my name.

I will mention now that while all the felt play food (and other crafts) that are/will be featured on this blog were MADE by ME, some of it was not photographed by me. That credit goes to my pal Emily Ashman (theillustratedroom.com) and trust me, you will be able to tell which pictures I took and which ones she did!! Ha ha!

Yeah...that's an Emily pic.

You can check out what is currently for sale in my etsy shop by going here:

Having a Who-tenanny

I decided this morning I am going to try this out. I will try my best not to care about grammar and maybe even spelling. We'll call this practice.
This past weekend I made two owl lovie pillows for my girls and a baby doll for my pal's daughter. I was happy with the outcome as they were first attempts.
Hmmmmm, I hear children running so I think that means it's time to wrap this one up!