Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bittersweet Night

Last night we were the newest "victims" of Etsy's sneak attack. They pick a shop with few sales and encourage others to SHOP! We had 6 sales in less than an hour! (I run my shop and biz with my BFF & partner in crime, Mel).

For more information on the handmade movement go here:
It was awesome and we are most appreciative!

Of course in the midst of all of this, my oldest daughter gets sick and continued to throw up into the wee hours of this morning. In fact, after having a little water this morning, she vomited again. What a night...

Some of our sales last night included:

The tea bag pictured was stitched by Mel.

You can see the other sales from last nite (as well as what is currently for sale) at:

Off to be mummy to the girl who is napping in the chair. My poor girl. My heart breaks for her.

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