Thursday, September 1, 2011

Yesterday it was still summer

My sister in law was up for a visit from Florida these past two weeks. Yesterday we decided we would spend the morning at a nearby lake to say goodbye to her and the last few days of summer vacation (my two oldest start school next Tuesday, tear). Because much of the world has already returned to school we were the ONLY ones there. That includes the absence of any lifeguards. We let them suit up but they had to stay at the shore and we were all wading with them in jeans and sweatshirts. It was cold! Crazy children!

Can't believe another summer has gone by. That my babies are a year older and that I will now have two kids in school. This was my favorite snapshot from yesterday (and it happens to star my precious #3).

A dream deferred

Chicken update: All but one of the seven barred rock chickens were massacred in July by a possum. I got a call from my friend that morning and she was in tears saying they had mostly been decapitated and that their breasts were ripped from their bodies. Terrible! There was only one who was sitting on the bodies of the dead and crying. The poor traumatized girl. SO needless to say, our chicken dreams are again on hold. Can't say that I mind now that we are getting into fall and I was worried about the little buggers freezing to death outside in the winter...yes, I know it won't actually happen. We're going to make some changes to the coop that is now sitting in our yard and re-look at this chicken dream in the spring. Til then, it's store bought eggs for this family. Cluck it!

Oh and PS, after the chicken massacre of 2011, my gal pal set out a have a heart trap and caught not one but two possums. She also researched chicken predators and felt it was safe to assume they were the culprits. They've since be relocated to go kill elsewhere. Ha.

Happy Fall, y'all!