Sunday, September 20, 2009

Manic Sunday

I've been away. Not really away like on an honest to goodness vacation but away from this blog thing. Trying to get ready for our upcoming craft shows of which there are 9 and counting. In addition to trying to sell the house and buy a new was a busy day with a last minute showing. Getting a house tip top is not easy with two little girls running around pulling out everything as soon as I've tucked it away.
My day of rest included driving around to scope out new potential habitation locations, hitting the grocery store, apple picking (which was fun of course!), hay ride, and dinner (which consisted of butternut squash lasagna and apple crisp for dessert, yum), insane amount of dirty dishes washed after that much cooking/baking, bathed the girls, story, bed. I now feel like I could fall over from exhaustion and will be retiring as soon as I hit "publish". Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

...and yes, Ruby is wearing a tutu. She wears it everywhere including to bed. Isn't there a saying about picking your battles? I choose to let her win this one daily.


  1. cute pics! i love the tutu... i wore one to kindergarten class once and the boy next to me sat on it and it ripped. :(
    sounds like you had a fun and busy weekend!