Thursday, October 1, 2009

Everyday is like Christmas

The girl is turning three on Monday. She has become a "kid" and is no longer a "baby". I miss her when she was small. While it's exciting to watch her grow and learn (and hear the stuff that comes out of her mouth!) -it's really bittersweet because those baby days for her are gone and they'll never return. I remember thinking when I first had her that every day was like Christmas. Every day was so exciting. I enjoyed being her mother so much I looked forward to the next morning which would bring with it my next day with her. Since then, we've had another baby, plan to have more babies and she's grown up. (Though she'll always be my little peanut.) I'll always remember the first time I held her, nursed her, became a mother. And I will try harder to remember, as time goes on, and days get busier and more challenging, that every day with these kids really is like Christmas.

the girl on her birth day

the girl coloring out front last week

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