Thursday, August 20, 2009

Roll out

Yesterday I googled "what to do with fabric scraps" and found a website with several suggestions including crayon rolls! I have seen these bad boys before and wasn't really interested but having a ton of leftover fabric, I figured what the hell! I sat down at my little sewing machine and busted out two in no time and they are actually quite adorable up close and personal! My darling Ruby got the first one (as she always thinks if I am on the machine, I am making something for her) and the other I will include with my wares at the craft shows. And I made a third today (they are all Halloween themed since that spooktacular day is coming soon)!


  1. I too have seen these,they are cute!!!
    Were they hard to make?
    It came out great!!

  2. They weren't hard to make at all! I should have posted the link but i didn't bookmark the site! That's how easy they were to put together!

  3. Wow! Nice work--and you're just getting started! I love the name Ruby--how sweet and magical :) These are a great back to school item. I say put some in your shop for sure!