Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Toilet Paper Baby

Little Lucy took her afternoon nap in our bedroom yesterday because this "sisters-sharing-a-room-during-afternoon-nap" thing basically sucks. Morning nap is fine since Ruby doesn't take one and bedtime is fine since they are both usually pooped but that 1pm nap is NOT WORKING! So, yesterday I decide she will start taking that nap in my room (again, where she had slept since she was born up until about a week and a half ago). I apparently put the pack and play too close to my nightstand because little miss grabbed the roll of toilet paper I have there (kleenex be damned) and shredded it filling the bottom of her bed with TP bits and then settling down hugging the roll like it was her lovey (who she had chucked into the rubbish bin next to the nightstand).....


  1. She is very cute with her new found "paper" art. See she is artistic already, following in your footsteps....Ha ha

  2. Hee hee.. that is the cutest photo! It looks like she is a good little shredder. ;)