Monday, July 13, 2009

Artfire Schmartfire

Signed up with this site today as it advertised being FREE:

But in truth only a certain number of listings are free and once you go beyond that you have to upgrade to their pro version. I feel like I wasted some serious time this afternoon as now our store is not properly represented on that site and to pull what I did post will piss me off...

Bottom line: I am not recommending it to anyone currently on Etsy unless you sell 12 or fewer items. Isn't there some saying about how if something sounds too good to be true......???


  1. Good that you only waisted a day and not a month and a pocket full of money...
    I was thinking of signing up with them but didn't, not just because nothing's really "free" but also because I didn't like their web interface at all. I have to hand it to Etsy, there isn't a single site out there that is as appealing visually as the Etsy site is. Wouldn't you agree?