Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sickness prevails

So, the family has the pukes AGAIN! What good fortune to be struck with the flu two times in a month, she says, her voice dripping with sarcasm. We attempted a family trip to Deerfield yesterday...we stopped halfway there for lunch at a neat little diner type place that only served vegetarian food. Great for us as we are all veg (me for almost 14 years). We order, we sit, I start to feed the baby her Gardenburger and could tell she wasn't feeling it. It was not any kind I have ever served at home before. Two bites into it and she pukes, projectile style all onto the floor and a saucer shaped amount on the thigh of my jeans. My husband goes to get the diaper bag, I clean her up and go into the bathroom to clean myself. Lunch is over. So my hub asks if I want to go home and at this point I truly think it is just a texture issue with this burger so I say no. My feeling is fueled by the fact that the baby is now begging for her older sisters toast from her veggie BLT. So off we go, start at Magic Wings and Lu is un-fazed while big sister is afraid of the butterflies. But I will give it to her because I was ALSO scared of the butterflies, there were TONS of them all flying at you at different heights, craziness. At one point, one landed on my head and I almost killed it just because my reflexes are such!! Ha! From there we head to Richardsons Candy Kitchen to satisfy Mama's sweet tooth! (And Ru's!!) A short drive around Historic Deerfield and we're off to Yankee Candle. Even then I had no clue Lu was feeling ill. We arrived and were told Santa was IN. So we headed right over, he was OUT. So we walk around killing time, I grab a few candles. Seriously, the baby was DANCING in her stroller to the music being piped in. So after an hour I say maybe we should get her (Lu) a snack because at this point she really hasn't eaten since the morning, so we wait in line, order two pretzels, a cup of grapes and a nutrigrain (all for the low price of $10) and sit down. Lu had maybe three or four bites of the bar when I thought she was choking so I grab her out of the stroller and sit her on my knee and she proceeds to projectile vomit AGAIN EVERYWHERE! Ru was screaming, "What is wrong with her?" and generally just freaking out. I am now covered on my entire left pant leg. So I hand the baby to my husband and say I am going to the bathroom. I waddle in and this woman looks at me and says don't you hate when stuff like that happens in public? And I say, Yeah, it's puke. Like, please don't think I spilled my flippin frappacinno all over myself, lady, this is barf, leave me alone. I went back to my family and we cleaned up the best we could and started the hour and a half drive back home....yup, covered in puke. And yes, in case you were wondering my husband spent most of today praising the porcelain god while I just felt like I had to. I don't pray that way. Those who know me know this. Tomorrow will tell if poor Ru will be sick again! She is terrified and I really hope she is well!

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