Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I turned 33 yesterday. Yeah, that's old. My grandfather sent me an email the other day (he will be 81 tomorrow so go him) and requested my presence at "the national holiday luncheon" for April 4th. I RSVP'd (via email to keep that geezer on his toes) that I'd go as long as they rolled out the red carpet. Fast forward to yesterday and there was this hideous orange carpet strip circa 1952 all stained and grody lining the stairs to the front door. I had to laugh! Not to mention this was not to be outdone by the plastic Big Bird, Bert & Ernie that were lined up next to it paparazzi style. I then, of course, had to clean it all up since they are 81 (in case I hadn't yet mentioned that). So happy birthday to me!!


  1. happy birthday indeed! that cake looks delicious.. I'm much more that 33 so you can feel young compaired to me :)

  2. thank you. the cake was made by my lovely mother (a lemon crumb layer cake). she would be disgruntled if I did not give her credit :)