Sunday, April 24, 2011

Justin Bee-bah

This is my youngest sister Aubrey. Yes she looks like an adorable 10 year old boy. She already knows so keep it to yourself, especially if you are the mail lady, the mini golf attendant, the countless waiters and waitresses, yeah the list goes on and on and will probably make for some funny material later but for Aubrey (PS she's almost 23 years old)

Now this is my middle daughter Lucy. Precious, pretty as picture and full of personality. Thank you, thank you very much, she certainly is.

And just so we're all clear this is Justin Beiber.

Jeez, this is a lot of work for a simple little story. Fast forward to earlier today little Lucy said to me, "Mama, Auby is not so bee-yoo-full." And I said, "What?! Why isn't she beautiful?" Lucy says, "She doesn't look bee-yoo-full." So I asked her, "What does she look like?" and she says "Her look like Justin Bee-bah."

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