Monday, April 11, 2011


No, not the real kind. The nasty Hollywood puke inducing kind. I am still having agita over a movie that my husband decided to watch this past weekend. We were watching TV together when I made the poor decision to get up and leave the room for about 10 minutes. When I return there is a movie on called Human Centipede. Anyone? I am like what the hell is this? He is laughing because he is a doucher (new word we made up to taunt each other, kind of like you're a douche bag but we're too lazy to actually say douche bag). He is a fan of horror movies, I am not. But this movie wasn't even terrifying, it was repulsive. I don't know if there is a word in my vocabulary that could adequately describe just how gross the premise of this movie is. I am NOT going to get into it, feel free to google it. But please have Tums and a barf bag handy. In fact, this is how I even know most of what happens in this gross flick. Thanks, google. I only saw about 10-15 minutes of it but then I just had to go to the net and hit enter. That was my first mistake, my second mistake was reading the summary of the movie. After reading it, I felt an intense need for a bottle of Tums and a lobotomy. I am not sure why it bothers me so much since nothing like that would ever happen. I think I am just disgusted that people can actually think of such revolting things. Sooooo, at this point I'm sure you're off to look up why I have my panties in such a bunch, Godspeed, people.

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  1. I cant believe you are writing about this..I did not see this but I lost sleep several nights trying not to think about a movie I tried hard not to know anything about.... please move on to a more palitable subject :)