Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hot Glue and Other Fun Stuff

I have taken a pretty long hiatus from all things crafty. I fill the occasional Etsy order as well as birthday/new baby gifts but no longer do I craft every day or even every month for that matter. I was chatting with a friend yesterday about how having kids has left me little time to do things I want to. Maybe this is what the grandmother at my 4 year olds preschool means when she says to me repeatedly "It won't always be like this." And trust me my kids are very well behaved (in public) and I am usually the one holding the door for OTHERS as I lug my brood to and fro so I've never been quite sure what she meant. BUT maybe I am onto something.
The other day another mother at the school brought her daughter in wearing a big flower clip she had made and my girl was quite green with envy so when we got home I told her I can make you one, Lovey, don't you fret. Then today THREE more girls were wearing clips like it. Oh my, it's a flower clip epidemic and my kid wants in! So here is my chance to oblige and at the same time get a little crafty. Oh joy!
Sidebar: Now the other thing I no longer have any real time for is exercise, is this a bit of an excuse because I hate sweating? Maybe. But I have never been so sedentary in my life, we bust a move all day but it's running errands and doing chores and by the time I know it, it's 8 o'clock and my (growing) ass just wants to sit on the couch and have a cocktail and pass out in the middle of Idol. That's about as much as I want to say on that subject at the moment. Just thinking about making time and doing it gives me a migraine.

I don't want anyone to misunderstand how I started this little rant. Having kids has meant less time for a lot of things I used to do but don't get me wrong, I LOVE these cherubs. They light up my life and fill my nights with song...and screaming matches with a bit of hair pulling...but mostly love.
Now off to make headbands!

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